Monday, April 10, 2017

Syrian Invasion?

If the rumors of 150,000 US Troops to "topple Assad and take out ISIS" are accurate, we are heading into another quagmire from which there will be no honorable exit.

The troops will immediately be handcuffed for fear of civilian casualties, and beset and discredited by the Mainstream Media and the Islamist propagandists. It will get so bad that the military will probably implement the policy of sending our guys out on patrol unarmed so "the Syrian people will know we are friendly" (as proposed, no doubt, by some overweight minority female Colonel in the Pentagon that's never been in the field). And our guys will die like flies.......

So, ten thousand lives and six trillion dollars later, we will have nothing to show for our efforts, except a demoralized and weakened military and a bankrupted country, (which is the globalist plan all along, to be executed by McCain, McMasters and Senator Schumer to name a few).

I wasn't expecting Trump to be sucked in on this globalist agenda that makes him an Obama successor.

false flags

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