Sunday, April 23, 2017

Divine Mercy Sunday April 23, 2017

The first Sunday after Easter, (today) is designated Divine Mercy Sunday by the Church. It was started by St Faustina, a humble Polish nun in the 1930's. She had persistent visions of Jesus himself who would prompt her on how to get this Day of Divine Mercy going.  Can you imagine?  An insignificant nun trying to push the ancient Church bureaucracy?  But nonetheless, after 50 odd years, Pope Paul II established the Day of Divine Mercy in the early 1980's.

That the Church has lasted over two millennia really is a miracle. It must be divinely ordained, judging how quickly most human organizations sink into oblivion with infighting, backbiting and schisms. Factions split off it's true: but where are the Nestorians these days?  The Protestants are still around. But judging from some of the compromising practices to accommodate the current fashions of the day............

We had a wonderful Divine Mercy service this afternoon, wonderfully medieval! Smells, and bells, Latin hymns, the works: all great stuff in this age of  modern trending and instant communications.  The service was topped of with a recitation of "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to St. Faustina by Jesus during her conversations with his apparition.  Cool, huh?  Still some bedrock grounding in the mystery of the Faith, in spite of the secular insistence that all must be known, measured, documented  and modeled, and fitted into a narrative.

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