Friday, March 17, 2017

Hawaiian Judge's Ruling

This Judge ruled that an Imam has a "Constitutional Right to bring in anyone they want."  Is the Judge not familiar with the concept of "Hijra", whereby Muslims flood into a non-Islamic country and take it over?

Here we're bringing in hundreds of thousands of primitive Somalis who will NEVER assimilate, who will NEVER be self-sufficient. They will form enclaves around their Mosques, the Imams of which will preach "Death to America and Death to the Jews". They will send fighters into the community to kill us. 

Yet the Progressives depict this as "Democracy in action" with a picture of the Statue of Liberty restraining the President!  This is cultural suicide!  The phony white liberals take our security and our prosperity for granted. Both will be eventually lost with the tidal wave of aliens that do not share our values.

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