Saturday, March 25, 2017

American Health Care

The book "How Not To Die" has a lot of good points. It likens American health care to this: if you have a sink that's overflowing, American medicine continually brings in mops and paper towels to clean up the water, but never addresses the cause and turns off the water faucet!

The premise is that a correct diet can reverse most of the major killers in our society, like heart disease and cancer. The problem is this: the medical profession is paid to treat the symptoms with surgery and expensive drugs, not advise people to eat more healthily. Nor is the meat industry and the processed food industry amenable to being eliminated from the American diet. So there is vested interest in continuing to kill people.

The book pointed out many of the ruses the tobacco industry used to foster the falsehood that "smoking isn't inherently bad, only 'excess smoking' ".  They paid Doctors to write such articles, backing up their spurious claim with cherry-picked studies.  Today, the whole plant diet is where non-smoking was in 1959.

It also points out the fraud of Health Insurance: health insurance is not health care. It only funds the vested interests in place today.  And with deductibles of $12,000, that's like not having insurance at all.

 To think that we can heal ourselves by changing what we eat and give the extended middle finder to the cancer wards and the cardiology bypass mills is too good to pass up!

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