Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The False meme is as follows: that there is a "war for the heart of Islam" and our actions determine the outcome! This is the foundation of the "extremist vs. moderate" Muslim ploy. So we are told
  • Oh, you can't tie violence to Islamic Doctrine
  • Oh, you can't call Jihadi attacks Islamic
  • Oh, you can't stop the flood of Jihadi settlers into the country
  • Oh, you can't read Islamic documents and criticize Islam publicly
Because if you do, "the moderates will be offended and you will drive them into the arms of the extremists and they WIN!" 

This is all UTTER NONSENSE!   There is ONE Islam, ONE Shari'a and one Al Azhar University. There are several schools of ahadith, but they all agree on most things, especially on Jihad and treatment of the Kuffar.  There is no "war for the soul of Islam": that was all settled in the 9th Century.

The notion of "moderate" vs. "extremist" is no more than the "good cop bad cop" technique to confuse and badger the subject (in this case the Western host society). This  renders us unable to name the enemy properly and unable to formulate a coherent strategy to defend ourselves against this onslaught by the Global Islamic Movement.  This is what's been going on for the last 20 years!

So you can understand when the new National Security Advisor Gen. McMaster says "attacks are not Islamic", it is a red flag that he buys into this false meme, leaving us right where we were in 2001.  He basically is agreeing with Obama that anything we do to defend our nation is an "insult to Islam" and therefore we shouldn't do it"! With Gen. McMaster in charge, might as well report to the nearest Mosque for our beheading and get it over with.

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