Tuesday, December 27, 2016


why is it that the Leftist media glorifies "La Raza" (Spanish for "the Race" ) and "Black Lives Matter" then goes ballistic if we talk about Anglo-European racial identity? That suddenly becomes "racist" and people lose their jobs and are ostracized?

The Indo-European Judaeo-Christian culture (Western Civilization) is superior:
  • How else could less than a billion of us dominate the planet?
  • Why does the majesty of Western music, art and culture dominate? 
  • Why does our science, technology and innovation dominate?
  • Why else does every other group want to come to the societies we built to enjoy our wealth and prosperity?
The Marxists and the Muslims want to destroy  our society, and we are letting them owing to a mistaken sense of "fairness".   We are so prosperous and everyone else is so poor!  The Leftist professors tell our naive University students that the only way to "remedy" the situation is for us to join them in poverty and ignorance!

The kids that march on the capital to destroy the very society that nurtured them have no idea of what it means to live in a third world country, taking the potable drinking water, power and the internet, health care, and full refrigerators for granted!  Nor have they been to an Islamic shit hole country where the news crews wander around interviewing quaint villagers and say "these people are living exactly the way their ancestors did a thousand years ago" without it registering?

 What was Western society like a thousand years ago?  The Muslims say music and art are "haram": what happens to the iPhone music and videos?  Do the college students really want to start wiping their butts with their left hand? Do they really want the only subject available for University study the memorization of the Qur'an and the sunnah?  (So much for spending a quarter of a million dollars of mommie and daddy's money majoring in "The History of Rock and Roll").

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