Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Who is the OIC?

Who is the OIC - Lyrics video from Dagobert Gimel on Vimeo.


why is it that the Leftist media glorifies "La Raza" (Spanish for "the Race" ) and "Black Lives Matter" then goes ballistic if we talk about Anglo-European racial identity? That suddenly becomes "racist" and people lose their jobs and are ostracized?

The Indo-European Judaeo-Christian culture (Western Civilization) is superior:
  • How else could less than a billion of us dominate the planet?
  • Why does the majesty of Western music, art and culture dominate? 
  • Why does our science, technology and innovation dominate?
  • Why else does every other group want to come to the societies we built to enjoy our wealth and prosperity?
The Marxists and the Muslims want to destroy  our society, and we are letting them owing to a mistaken sense of "fairness".   We are so prosperous and everyone else is so poor!  The Leftist professors tell our naive University students that the only way to "remedy" the situation is for us to join them in poverty and ignorance!

The kids that march on the capital to destroy the very society that nurtured them have no idea of what it means to live in a third world country, taking the potable drinking water, power and the internet, health care, and full refrigerators for granted!  Nor have they been to an Islamic shit hole country where the news crews wander around interviewing quaint villagers and say "these people are living exactly the way their ancestors did a thousand years ago" without it registering?

 What was Western society like a thousand years ago?  The Muslims say music and art are "haram": what happens to the iPhone music and videos?  Do the college students really want to start wiping their butts with their left hand? Do they really want the only subject available for University study the memorization of the Qur'an and the sunnah?  (So much for spending a quarter of a million dollars of mommie and daddy's money majoring in "The History of Rock and Roll").

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Progressive Plan:

TPP & NAFTA:  to destroy the American middle class by exporting all the jobs that pay from $50K to $150K......to CHINA where the jobs will be done by Chinese slave labor in facilities owned by the Chinese Army.

Immigrants: to destroy American culture, the family, prosperity and ultimately American power. Why? America is the only force that stands in the way of globalist domination of the earth.
If America can be bankrupted with welfare costs and destroyed by violence with Muslim jihadists, at some point the Progressive government will invite in UN "peace keepers" to restore order.

These "peace keepers" would be 10 million blue helmeted Chinese military personnel who would waste no time exterminating all the "undesirables", (Muslims and patriots) leaving only those suitable for slavery: passive obedient "I'm With Her" types dumbed down with sex, drugs, rock and roll and football.

Russian Hacking? (John Paul Watson of Infowars)


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Diversity our Strength?

"Diversity" is a con game to destroy white people and the prosperity that follows from their Judeo-Christian culture. South Africa is exhibit #1.

Prosperous South Africa has been turned over to the kleptocratic incompetent blacks and has become the archetypal African shit hole.  Detroit, at one time a beautiful and one of the most wealthy cities in America has been transformed by blacks and their Progressive supporters back into a depopulated weed-infested vacant lots and dilapidated and abandoned houses.

Image result for detroit slums
Detroit neighborhoods

The Flems and the Walloons have been fighting for hundreds of years in Belgium, the Catholics and Protestants have been fighting in Northern Ireland for hundreds of years. Where's the strength in diversity there?

Obama has tried to Federalize local zoning laws in order to allow HUD to place housing projects of black welfare recipients into white neighborhoods in the interest of "diversity". What were once safe and prosperous neighborhoods will sprout walls and bars on windows to keep the home invaders and burglars out and "white flight", turning all America into Detroit! "The neighborhoods are too white and too prosperous!" stated one of the HUD officials.

And then there's the Muslims and their civilization Jihad. The plan is to move in enough Muslims to take over the communities and institute the dar al-Islam, claiming the land for Allah and instituting the Shari'a law. If you preach "diversity is good" to the locals, they won't be allowed to complain about the refusal of Muslims to assimilate lest they be accused of "racist bigotry". Once there are sufficient numbers the Muslims practice racism against the locals by forcing them out, as they are now doing now in Dearborn.

Obama tells us that welfare to these people is "extending a temporary helping hand".  The Muslims consider it "jizyah", or payments due them from the Kafir owing to their Islamic Supremacy.

The reality is, race matters. There is no reason that white people should be denied their "race consciousness". Why is it "racism" if white people speak of such things, but if any other group does, it's considered "ethnic consciousness"?

It is a Marxist dictum that "only the dominant group can be racist". If we use the "n-word", it's racism. But if a black person goes by in a car and shouts at me "I'm gonna kill your white ass, you honkie cracker mother-fu*ker!" this is NOT racism?  Excuse me, I don't think so.

In a broader perspective, there are only about 800 million white people on the face of the earth. There are 7 billion people who are not. Who's really the minority here? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-styled Caliph of the Islamic State has stated seriously the necessity to kill 500 million people to establish his Caliphate. Who do you think he's talking about?  You and me in Europe and North America, that's who?  How's that for diversity?

Martin Luthur King's vision was of a color blind society. We either all strive for it or it will never happen. If the Progressives try to induce white people to abandon their racial identity yet encourage all other groups to assert theirs, it's a recipe for the extermination of whites all together.


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