Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why Denver's "The Cell" Is Useless!

Upon attending one of their briefings, emphasizing "see something, say something", it became clear that the Muslims had gotten to them and had defanged their program of anything useful.  They kept harping on "the civil rights of citizens", (which for all intents and purposes means the Muslims).  One of the things you CANNOT REPORT AS SUSPICIOUS  is clothing!  This of course means Shari'a compliant clothing, to wit, burkas, robes, beards, caps, etc.

In talking with my FBI friends, prior to the purge of 2008 which removed all intelligence information "insulting to Muslims", it was clear that Shari'a compliant clothing is directly correlated to  attacks of violent Jihad.  So "The Cell" has just disabled the one clue that would save lives! 

My friend Phil Haney's book "See Something Say Nothing" goes into this in a big way! The whole border security was shut down in favor of the civil rights of Muslim Jihadis!

So don't bother with "The Cell": it's another defanged bastion of political correctness that is prohibited from properly naming the enemy, which is ISLAMIC JIHAD!

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