Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Coming One Party State and What It Will Look Like

Here's what America of the near future will look like:
  • The Gramsci Marxists will celebrate the seizure of the country, and will only have to decide the placement of the immigrants to eliminate the last vestige of  Republican local control.
  • The wealth of the middle class will be transferred to the immigrants with income and property taxes: justice and equality don't you know....
  • Those whose only concern was for "Dem Broncos" and continually obsessed about Quarterback performance will find Officers barging into their homes to assess whether or not an immigrant family can be placed in your home at your expense. Extra bedroom? Bingo! Five smelly Arabic speakers living downstairs who will soon kick you out of your own home.
  • You will join your former friends and neighbors in he streets, to become a filthy homeless white person whose lost  home and job, who will drift from town to town, camp to camp in search of food. It will be reminiscent of the hobo culture of the 1930's but much worse.
  • The Muslim Marxist political elites will live in their armed compounds, whisked from one place to another through the mean streets by armored limousine convoys.
  • Highways and byways will be littered with garbage and the smell of corpses.

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