Sunday, October 2, 2016

Islamophobia and the Instinct for Self-Preservation: A Metaphor

Currently, anyone who brings to light documents and speeches disclosing Muslim intentions to destroy Western Civilization is accused of "Islamophobia, spreading hate and fear of Muslims": documents such as "The Grand Memorandum"[1] or the captured Muslim Brotherhood document "The Project" [2].

The Muslim groups also assert that "saying Islamophobic things is an abuse of free speech and should be made a punishable crime".  Excuse me, but these Muslim entities are planning our destruction. Certainly bringing them to the public's attention is necessary for our survival.

Here's the metaphor: if you're standing in the middle of a highway, and see an 18 wheeler truck approaching, it would be appropriate to get out of the middle of the road to avoid being run over! Anyone  who says getting out of the way is committing "truckophobia, and spreading hate and fear of 18 wheeler trucks" would be labeled a suicidal moron!   And so it is with Islam.

When you review these documents, they are explicit in what the Muslim groups wish to do to us. How does it further our interests to ignore these facts? It isn't a "phobia" when they are really trying to kill you.


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