Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Democratic Gramsci-Marxist Plan for Dismantling America

Maintain control by having the captive Mainstream Media (MSM) trash and demonize Trump 24/7 with the hope voters will vote AGAINST Trump and not think about WHAT THEY ARE VOTING FOR! Which is:
  • Continuing the dismantling of the American industrial base by exporting manufacturing to China with their slave labor, and acquisition of American companies by Chinese ones.
  • Continuing destruction of the fabric of American life with the identity politics: Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, gay vs. straight, men vs. women, young vs. old, religious vs. secular, or any other divisive strategy the Marxists can come up with to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
  • Inundation of the land with millions of Islamic Jihadis to destroy the culture and infrastructure, daily attacks that will cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and knock our water supply, power grids, food distribution.
  • Continual burdensome regulations to discourage any entrepreneurial spirit that would develop new industries.
  • Continual transfer of American sovereignty to the UN in regard to treaties, gun control, family law, blasphemy and hate speech.
Once the chaos and suffering are sufficient, the UN will be called upon to "restore order", which will manifest itself in 10 million blue helmeted Chinese Army personnel taking control of the land. The global ruling elite will relocate to China, making it the Center of the Universe once more.

All the Islamic Jihadi settlers who existed under the umbrella of political correctness will be exterminated by the politically incorrect and unfettered Chinese Army, now that the Jihadis have served their purpose and are now a nuisance.

Another envisioned corollary will be a lien on all farmland by the Chinese government as payment for the national debt. American highways and byways will be littered with emaciated corpses of those who have starved to death while the abundant food production is harvested and shipped to China.

Anyone caught with a vegetable garden of their own will be shot on sight: government food distribution must be "fair", and gardens are "unfair"!

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