Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The UN The OIC and European "Immigration"


It's becoming clear that what we've long suspected is now confirmed by information leaking out to the public:
  • The UN, the Organization of Islamic Co-operation have colluded to bring in 5 million young Muslim males to overthrow the governments of Western Europe, and that the United States is next!
  • That the operation is being financed by global multinational corporations and their billionaire owners, such as George Soros and his "Open Borders" organization.
  • The Globalist corporations believe they can create a world government that they can control from behind the scenes, optimizing tax laws for their own tax exempt benefit. (Better to own one set of politicians at the UN and the EU instead of having to buy off different sets in different countries).
  • The Muslims in the OIC believe this helps them Islamize the West, following the example of Muhammad and his "Hijra" from Mecca to Medina by migration to Western Europe leading to its conquest.
  • Certainly current Western leaders are in on it. These leaders are paying the "bribe price" of betraying their people in exchange for being allowed to retain the perks and privileges of office they currently enjoy.
But the reason such a plan will fail is that the Globalists are underestimating the Muslims.  A destroyed Europe will be Islamized, not taken over by the UN.  The bureaucrats that inhabit the UN are no match for murderous Jihadis who are willing to walk into a UN meeting with all the leaders present and detonate themselves, shredding the George Soros's of the world with explosive vests lined with ball bearings.

As we pick our way through the rubble, bodies and broken glass, have a nice day!

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