Sunday, July 17, 2016

Response To Islamic Jihad

I saw a post that cautioned against a "harsh response lest we drive the local Muslims into the arms of ISIS".  This devious ploy to keep us from defending ourselves stems from the well thought out false Muslim Brotherhood narrative, which is as follows:
  • All Muslims are moderate
  • only a "fringe" is violent, being upset with our policies in the Middle East or Israel or toward Muslims in general
  • And there's a struggle for the "soul of Islam" between these two factions
Therefore we must
  • Not say Islam is violent because then the "violent faction" wins
  • We must have more Muslims in the DoD, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc, so Muslims won't be "alienated" and will feel more a "part of American society"(and not turn to the violent faction).
The problem with all this is, IT ISN'T TRUE! Jihad against unbelievers (the Kuffar) has been underway for 1400 years. It has nothing to do with Israel or the policies of the United States! It has only to do with our being unbelievers!

There are not two factions in Islam, only one!  All Muslims are on board with Jihad because it's part of the Islamic Doctrine. Jihad is considered an act of the HIGHEST PIETY! This is why the so-called "moderate Muslims" are always silent after an attack!  (And those that have bought into this false narrative are the only ones mystified by this silence!).

Therefore, the proper response to an attack of Islamic Jihad is to burn the Mosques and deport the Muslims. Period!  We have no necessity or mandate to let the United Nations (which is controlled by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) jam us with 40 million Muslim Jihadists who will destroy our civilization!

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