Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh, But America Was Built By Immigrants!

This is the justification for opening the sea cocks of Muslim Civilizational Jihadist Immigrants that will soon sink our civilization.  But in the 19th Century, the immigrants that came through Ellis Island in many cases got on trains and went to the empty Midwest, were given a parcel of land and were given the opportunity to carve a life for themselves out of the land. Many died: Starvation from crop failures or Indian attacks.

Today's immigrants do NOT come to build a better life. They come to destroy us. They come to climb onto welfare and march in the streets to make demands that we shut down our civilization and adopt theres!   Halal foods in the schools, Islamic holidays instead of Christian ones. These people are invaders in every sense of the term and should be treated as such!

The stated goal of the government for immigrants is that they assimilate, that they become self sufficient and that they learn English.  Do Muslims to any of those? Is there any rationality for bringing in a million Somalis with no intention of ever assimilating or becoming self-sufficient or learning English?

Their only purpose is to vote Democratic and wage Jihad against us.

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  1. A recent Facebook post is headlined "Campaign aims to register a million US Muslims voters in anti-Trump move"
    The photo is of a young, smiling, pretty Muslim woman in hijab. I wonder if they realize that no good Muslim would ever vote for a woman leader. Or if the story were, instead of the young woman, of the 9/11 hijackers, or the recent attackers in Nice, Orlando, San Bernardino, or of one of the numerous beheadings in the Middle East.



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