Saturday, July 16, 2016

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

The Globalist Elites have misinterpreted the propensity of the populations of the West to respect the rule of law to believe they could pass a lot of chicken shit laws and expect them to march to the Islamic Chopping blocks quietly.

Now that survival is at stake, the people will rise up against these Globalist manipulators and their Islamic pawn butchers and rightly so. To say that our common decency and tolerance means we have to let the Jihadis kill us or we're violating our principles is Bull Shit!

Time to eliminate the threats to our civilization: the Civilizational Jihadists, their fortress Mosques, and the traitor Globalists who would send us to the chopping blocks while they hide in their walled off compounds on Maui guarded by armed commandos.  Let us appeal to the commandos to turn on their slave masters to give them what they deserve: and abundance of .556 perforations in their miserable carcasses.

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

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