Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter False Flag

The whole purpose of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is to discredit the police and justify either the Federalization of the police or the transfer of authority to the UN under the "Strong Cities Initiative". 

In a recent interview with the Japanese Press, Obama referred to racism in the Police Departments as a matter of fact. It isn't. But this is the purpose. Obama wants to put in place a national police force under Federal Control like Franco's "Guardia Civil" or the French Gendarmerie, where the local police are unknown and hostile to the locals as a matter of design.

Obama knows if he orders gun confiscation now, the local police would not enforce it. But if the police were Federalized, these people WOULD!

Think about such a scenario! You are ordered to turn in your firearms. And when you don't, you have Federal Police who are deputized thugs from the BLM Chicago kicking in your door!  These are the ones who will cart you off to the FEMA camps in the desert!

This is why the paramount issue is to wrest control of the government from Progressive hands! Pining for your "true conservative" will be a moot point when we have the Federal Government digging our mass graves with bulldozers near Tonopah NV.  If you don't think they are not planning such a thing, think again!

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