Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Foundation Of Progressive Misperceptions Concerning Islam

Secularists who worship human intellect and rationality instead of God believe that they control everything. Thus, when the Jihadists create mayhem throughout Western societies, "it must be something we're doing: therefore, if we change our behavior we can STOP IT!"

Right now, they believe we are "triggering the attacks by offending the Muslims".  Therefore, if we accommodate them, if we bend over backwards to appease them, if we "treat them properly" the Jihad will stop! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Jihad is a Qur'anic mandate to "wage war on unbelievers to establish the religion until the submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizya, and feel themselves humiliated"  (Q9:5).  It has NOTHING TO DO with what we do! it has only to do with our being unbelievers, (Kuffar).

To stop the attacks, we need to shut down the Mosques, imprison the Imams and deport the Muslims! Period! The current strategy of persecuting patriots that speak out against Islamic Jihad will do nothing, since the "triggering" model is incorrect.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh, But America Was Built By Immigrants!

This is the justification for opening the sea cocks of Muslim Civilizational Jihadist Immigrants that will soon sink our civilization.  But in the 19th Century, the immigrants that came through Ellis Island in many cases got on trains and went to the empty Midwest, were given a parcel of land and were given the opportunity to carve a life for themselves out of the land. Many died: Starvation from crop failures or Indian attacks.

Today's immigrants do NOT come to build a better life. They come to destroy us. They come to climb onto welfare and march in the streets to make demands that we shut down our civilization and adopt theres!   Halal foods in the schools, Islamic holidays instead of Christian ones. These people are invaders in every sense of the term and should be treated as such!

The stated goal of the government for immigrants is that they assimilate, that they become self sufficient and that they learn English.  Do Muslims to any of those? Is there any rationality for bringing in a million Somalis with no intention of ever assimilating or becoming self-sufficient or learning English?

Their only purpose is to vote Democratic and wage Jihad against us.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Response To Islamic Jihad

I saw a post that cautioned against a "harsh response lest we drive the local Muslims into the arms of ISIS".  This devious ploy to keep us from defending ourselves stems from the well thought out false Muslim Brotherhood narrative, which is as follows:
  • All Muslims are moderate
  • only a "fringe" is violent, being upset with our policies in the Middle East or Israel or toward Muslims in general
  • And there's a struggle for the "soul of Islam" between these two factions
Therefore we must
  • Not say Islam is violent because then the "violent faction" wins
  • We must have more Muslims in the DoD, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc, so Muslims won't be "alienated" and will feel more a "part of American society"(and not turn to the violent faction).
The problem with all this is, IT ISN'T TRUE! Jihad against unbelievers (the Kuffar) has been underway for 1400 years. It has nothing to do with Israel or the policies of the United States! It has only to do with our being unbelievers!

There are not two factions in Islam, only one!  All Muslims are on board with Jihad because it's part of the Islamic Doctrine. Jihad is considered an act of the HIGHEST PIETY! This is why the so-called "moderate Muslims" are always silent after an attack!  (And those that have bought into this false narrative are the only ones mystified by this silence!).

Therefore, the proper response to an attack of Islamic Jihad is to burn the Mosques and deport the Muslims. Period!  We have no necessity or mandate to let the United Nations (which is controlled by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) jam us with 40 million Muslim Jihadists who will destroy our civilization!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

The Globalist Elites have misinterpreted the propensity of the populations of the West to respect the rule of law to believe they could pass a lot of chicken shit laws and expect them to march to the Islamic Chopping blocks quietly.

Now that survival is at stake, the people will rise up against these Globalist manipulators and their Islamic pawn butchers and rightly so. To say that our common decency and tolerance means we have to let the Jihadis kill us or we're violating our principles is Bull Shit!

Time to eliminate the threats to our civilization: the Civilizational Jihadists, their fortress Mosques, and the traitor Globalists who would send us to the chopping blocks while they hide in their walled off compounds on Maui guarded by armed commandos.  Let us appeal to the commandos to turn on their slave masters to give them what they deserve: and abundance of .556 perforations in their miserable carcasses.

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter False Flag

The whole purpose of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is to discredit the police and justify either the Federalization of the police or the transfer of authority to the UN under the "Strong Cities Initiative". 

In a recent interview with the Japanese Press, Obama referred to racism in the Police Departments as a matter of fact. It isn't. But this is the purpose. Obama wants to put in place a national police force under Federal Control like Franco's "Guardia Civil" or the French Gendarmerie, where the local police are unknown and hostile to the locals as a matter of design.

Obama knows if he orders gun confiscation now, the local police would not enforce it. But if the police were Federalized, these people WOULD!

Think about such a scenario! You are ordered to turn in your firearms. And when you don't, you have Federal Police who are deputized thugs from the BLM Chicago kicking in your door!  These are the ones who will cart you off to the FEMA camps in the desert!

This is why the paramount issue is to wrest control of the government from Progressive hands! Pining for your "true conservative" will be a moot point when we have the Federal Government digging our mass graves with bulldozers near Tonopah NV.  If you don't think they are not planning such a thing, think again!


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