Friday, June 10, 2016

Very Last Chance

This is the last chance we will have to wrest control of the government from the Progressive/Muslim Brotherhood combine that has run the country for the last 16 years. Why?
  1. if Mrs. Clinton gets into office, she will continue the present blindness to the threat of Islamic Civilizational Jihad that calls for millions of Muslim immigrants to destroy our culture, and infrastructure with violent Jihad.
  2. She will continue the gravitation of all power and decisions to Washington DC, crippling the private sector even more.
  3. These millions of Civilizational Jihadists will be enfranchised, further outnumbering native Americans rendering a Conservative election victory numerically impossible.
  4. The "New America" program is strategically placing these millions of "immigrants" in Red States to establish electoral plurality, making America a corrupt one Party State.
  5. We will lose our 1st Amendment  with hate speech laws and Islamic Blasphemy laws
  6. We will lose our 2nd Amendment rights with a Progressive Supreme Court validating gun confiscation legislation.
Therefore, I would urge all those that trash Trump to reconsider owing to the above facts and to think long term. Do not delude yourself into thinking "next time we can have a true conservative". This really is our LAST CHANCE to save the remnant of America.

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