Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nautical Metaphor

At one end of the pier, the Globalists say to the third world "jump into the water, the Americans will pull you into their lifeboat and give you freebies"!

To the Americans, the Globalists say "if you don't bring all these people into your lifeboat, you're NOT LIVING UP TO YOUR CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES!"  (Alinsky said "always hold your opponent to his own impossible ideals").

But what the church ladies and the Pastors don't understand, the purpose of this whole operation is to capsize the lifeboat!  This will put everyone in the water!

Once this is achieved, the slave galleys owned by the Globalists will move into the area, and say to the bobbing heads: "We'll pull you out of the water if you will agree to sit on the bench of our choice and be chained to the oar of our choice for the rest of your life"!

Once they get enough rowers to man their galleys, the Global elite will take their places in the sterns of their galleys with their hands on the tillers and give the order to move out, leaving the rest to drown.

So, church ladies and Pastors, what is our REAL Christian responsibility?  Is it not to be wise as serpents and not be hoodwinked into self-destruction? (Although many clergy I know would prefer a candle light vigil for the hundreds slain to lifting a finger to save a single life).

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