Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muslim "Oppression" in Orlando

This act of Muslim Oppression in Orlando is the worst we've seen since Paris! This heroic Mujahedeen was in the midst of an act of the highest piety when he was struck down and murdered by terrorist Kafir Law Enforcement!  This is a prime example why the cities in the United States need to implement the "UN Safe Cities Initiative" and be policed by UN personnel from "just" countries like Iran and the Sudan!

Of course anyone who says Islam had anything to do with this needs to be arrested and prosecuted for hate speech, bigotry, and Islamophobia. But it must be understood that homosexuality is "shirk" in Islam, and if Islam did have something to do with it, all this young man was doing was executing Allah's judgment on a place of sin and vice.  It is the responsibility of the Gay Community to apologize to the Muslims  for offending Muslim sensibilities and to promise to change their behavior.

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