Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jihad in America: The Biggest of Pictures

Islam divides the world into the "Dar al-Islam" (the portion of the earth controlled by Islam) and the "Dar al-Harb" (everywhere else).  Muslims have a Qur'anic mandate to wage Jihad on Dar al-Harb until it no longer exists. This "struggle" (the definition of Jihad) has been ongoing off and on for 1400 years.  To say "America is not at war with Islam" is a denial of fact because, by definition, they are at war with us whether we wish to admit it or not.

  Muslims know they do not have the conventional military strength to invade us formally as they did Europe in the 17th Century (having been turned back at the Gates of Vienna on Sept 11, 1683). So they are doing it by Hijra. This is immigration, infiltration and takeover of the host society by subversion.

The overall plan is to flood the West with "immigrants" (who are really civilizational Jihadists), demand accommodation and implementation of the Shari'a bit by bit, and violent Jihad as the situation dictates.  Imagine hundreds of attacks annually on the magnitude of the nightclub in Orlando!  This is the plan!  And the more Muslim "immigrants" we admit, the quicker this will happen. And throughout the carnage, the theme from the Muslims will be "submit, and it all goes away: submit, and you're safe!"

This is what makes the Administration's response to the Orlando attack and others so bizarre!  One has to conclude that submitting the United States to the Shari'a is a goal that the President supports! The Refugee services that are hastening the demise of our civilization must be so blinded by the money they are receiving that they choose not to look at the long term consequences for America.

Mrs. Clinton's call for disarming the American people facing Jihad, when they need protection the most, is astounding!  We can only speculate at her response to the attack on Pearl Harbor had she been President in 1941!  She would have asserted that "bombs from airplanes" are the problem, and say nothing about an expansionist Imperial Japan. She would have grounded all American military aviation assets and forbid the use of aerial delivered ordinance, asserting that "this will keep our installations safe". We would have lost World War II then, and we're losing against Jihad now!

To find an equivalent to her Muslim Deputy Chief of  Staff Huma Abedin, a 1941 President Hillary Clinton would have had a cousin of Heinrich Himmler working for  her in the White House advising her on "German Affairs".

The answer, if America is to survive, is to name our enemy properly.  This means it's NOT "terrorism" nor "Countering Violent Extremism"! Our main challenge is, and has been, ISLAMIC JIHAD!   This means shutting down the Muslim Brotherhood and its 4200 front organizations in the United States that are waging Jihad against us in all its forms. 

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