Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Garden Metaphor

If American liberty is like a garden, every generation needs to realize it needs to maintain it to keep it bright  and weed free.  Right now, the garden is infested with Muslim dandelions.   Every gardener knows that dandelions spread and will supplant the garden completely if they are not uprooted and/or sprayed with weed killer.

Yet Obama is telling us that the garden and dandelions can "coexist in peace"!  George Soros is telling us that pulling weeds is what causes them to grow, yet offers no alternative solution to dealing with the weeds. He also has a record of sowing Nazi weeds in Hungary as a young man, so he may not be the one to whom to listen.

The millennials, who have never known anything but a rich green garden, take it for granted and think that gardens grow this way automatically. If we mention the dandelions could destroy the garden and need pulling, we are accused  by them of being bigots, haters and dandelion-o-phobes!

College professors tell them that they should feel guilty about having a rich green garden because most other gardens, especially in the Middle East, look like vacant lots strewn with weeds and trash! To have a nice green garden "isn't fair"! Thus, they demonstrate against those of us trying to pull the weeds and preserve the garden that sustains us all.

Even among those who want a green garden prefer Cruz who has promised to weed the garden with tweezers in the more traditional way. But gardener Cruz has participated in the sale of large blocks of plants to Asia and Mexico, leaving sections of the garden barren. In fact, he participated in devising legislation expediting the sale of plants overseas without the owners of the garden having any say in the matter!

Then comes gardener Trump who sees the need for a massive "weed and feed" to clean up the garden and make it great again!  The weeds, of course, are terrified!  They prefer Hillary Clinton who won't even mention the dandelions as long as they contribute sufficiently to her Foundation.

The Cruz gardeners delude themselves into thinking that if they sit it out they will have the opportunity in eight years to have a "true traditional gardener" instead of Trump. The reality is, in eight years the dandelions will have taken over the garden and it will be too late!

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