Monday, April 25, 2016

Notes from the Rabbi Hausman address, 21 April 2016 Act for America Dallas, Dallas TX

Many try to compare the Muslim immigration of today with the Jewish immigrations in the 1930’s and 1940’s. But you have to ask the following questions:

1.       Were the Jews terror threats?

2.       Did they make illegal entry?

3.       Was their seeking asylum a threat to the host nations?

4.       The Paris attackers were “Syrian refugees”

5.       Jews were targeted specifically by Nazi ideology and Nazi officials: “Syrian Refugees” are predominantly Muslim, whereas Syrian Christians are excluded, and they are the ones that need asylum the most!

6.       America should admit refugees selectively, not open wide the doors indiscriminately!

7.       We should not abrogate our sovereignty to the UN in the selection of who enters our country.

8.       Where could the Jews go in the 1930’s and 1940’s?  Nowhere!  Whereas, none of the OIC countries are accepting refugees: they are ALL FLOODING INTO THE WEST! WHY IS THAT?

9.       Syrian refugees would be better assimilated to any of the 57 OIC states! 

10.   Jews as a “race”:  to label such is “eugenics”, a discredited psudo-science embraced by the Roosevelt Administration and the Nazis.

11.   Importation of Muslims will lead to importation of Jihadists and violence in the United States. Many of the Somalis from Minnesota and elsewhere are fighting with Al Shabbab and ISIS.

12.   Not all the “Syrian Refugees” are refugees at all! The Islamic State has the capability to print Passports to infiltrate their fighters to the West, as they have bragged.

13.   The fact that 72% of the “refugees” are military age young men indicates this is NOT refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, but making Hijra for Allah with the intent to conquer the West. They come to destroy us, not build our society and assimilate into it.

14.   When Jews resettled, they had to have sponsoring families through "Jewish Family Services"  and did not begin feeding at the public trough.  Muslim groups tend to be fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood to wage Jihad and allow the "refugees" to be dumped on public assistance, (part of the strategy to overwhelm our government).

15.   90% of Muslim “refugees” are on food stamps! They consider it “the Jizya”, a tax owed to superior Muslims by the subjugated Kuffar!

16.   “Root Cause”?  It is NOT the war!  It is Islamic ideology of HIJRA for ALLAH!  These people intend to destroy us and establish an Islamic State in North America! It isn’t “racism” and “bigotry” to defend our lives and our civilization!


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