Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Secretary of the OSCE on NAFTA (&How the American worker gets forked)

Jose Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the OSCE was on Bloomberg Surveillance on 29 March. Here's what he said about NAFTA:

  • Take Canadian raw materials
  • Take American Capital
  • Add Mexican cheap labor
and you put together an economic powerhouse. Do you notice the huge gaps? What about the millions of American workers who lose their jobs?  His cursory answer was "retraining".  Retraining 100 million people to do what?

Who profits?  The same Establishment elite owners of the multinationals that minimize costs by automated mines that have few employees. Then use semi-slave Mexican workers who live on the edge of poverty and work for the Petrones who contract with the multinational corporations.  Then of course Nabisco can say "we absolutely do not employ child labor" (because the Patrones are the front for them).

And as far as American workers are concerned, there will be a boom in reeducation camp building and massive training programs for guards and mobile execution van operators. After all, the UN Agenda 21 has determined that there are "excess products of conception who no longer have a useful place in the world". All they need to do is confiscate their pesky firearms!

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