Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, 2016: Saved or Redeemed?

Christ is risen! The tomb is empty!  This is not just some sort of religious event significant only to Christians, but a cosmic event that affects everything!

Since the "Big Bang", we have observed certain rules: the cyclical nature of life; the birth and death of everything, from microbes to the stars. But ten or so billion years into it, a different rule was manifest: a resurrection! To come back from the dead was a real game changer! Molecules were changed! Clotted blood flowed again in capillaries.  Arteries were repaired. Warmth returned. Not only is this hope for us who live today, but for the world itself!

The promise of  Christ to us personally for a reprieve from this cycle of life and death  also applies to the earth itself.   The "inevitable" cycle of the sun eventually enveloping the earth in a fiery extinction may not be so.

But there's this: when Jesus was on the cross, he cried out "my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"   But God was silent.  After 9-11, I witnessed a woman on Fox News lamenting "how could God let this happen!"   The answer: the resurrection! God was silent when his son was on the cross. But Jesus was REDEEMED by his Father after the crucifixion.

Many of our Christian evangelist friends view the existential threat of Islam to our civilization dismissively.  They say "God will save us"!  Not so!  God is silent now as he was when His son was on the cross.  God did not "save" Jesus from crucifixion, nor will he save the United States and Western Civilization from the Sword of Islam.  God will not save us from our own folly and stupidity!

St. Augustine said in effect "We need to work as though everything depended on us, but pray to know God is in control".  Understand that Islam is salivating to "kill the Kuffar"!  ISIS is seriously contemplating the necessity of  eliminating 500 million people to establish their Caliphate. And Islam has done it before. The Mughal Sultanate in medieval India butchered an estimated 80 million Hindus. Considering the weight of history over the centuries, can we really believe our good friend Ahmed who says "oh no, it'll be all different this time, so go back to sleep"?

The ancient Israelites thought they were "bullet proof" owing to "God in their Temple". The prophets kept telling them that God had departed the Temple, and that they needed to change their ways and return to God or destruction beckoned.

They ignored the prophets, and suffered the destruction of their Temple, massive butchery and a humiliating and painful exile.  They have survived only as a faithful remnant over the centuries.

Is not America in the same place today? Do we not think we are "bullet proof" because "we're the most powerful country in the world"?  Is not the West ignoring our prophetic warnings about Islam?  Do not our leaders ignore and ridicule those of us who warn of the impending disaster?  Do not our leaders appear to be in league with the Muslims who are striving daily to destroy us, yet we are complacent and return them to office?

 Maybe the Evangelists need to contemplate"redemption for the remnant" more fully?

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