Thursday, March 24, 2016

Advanced Drops of the Coming Rain

The Jihad groups have labeled the Paris and San Bernardino attacks as "Advanced Drops of the Coming Rain" against the West. The latest  Jihad attack in Bruxelles is a manifestation of this. The ISIS communique solemnly labels the attack as a retaliation for our "killing their women and children"( and more than likely for arresting Salah Abdelam, the Jihadi involved in the Paris attack last year).  But this is such rank hypocrisy!

The Jihadis routinely attack civilian infrastructure facilities (a war crime) and embed their military assets amongst the civilian population (another war crime!).  If their women and children are killed, it is not our fault but theirs. And by the way, the Jihad groups are not signatories to the Geneva Convention. The Marxist lawyers who continually accuse us for not obeying these restrictions need to cross the line and petition Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi instead of us.

Though European leaders vow "unrelenting war against terror", they still have zero strategy.They still  fail to grasp the broad scope of the Global Islamic Movement (GIM), which includes not only the Jihad groups but the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic nations, the Da'wa groups such as the British Muslim Association, CAIR, and the entire Muslim populations residing in and flooding into the West.

Every entity is on the same page when it comes to their goals: to Islamize the West and to destroy the State of Israel.  To believe that "all Muslims are moderate and the 'violent extremists' are a fringe element" is calculated deception.  Jihad against the unbelievers (the Kuffar) is a 1400 year old Qur'anic mandate, not a reaction to our policies in the Middle East.

This is why it's fruitless and moronic to "reach out to the Muslim community" for help in finding these terrorists. It should be no surprise when the community conceals these people, as happened in Brussels.

It's time for the West to understand that Islam has declared Jihad against us with the intent to destroy our civilization and establish an Islamic society. No amount of moronic dialogue and outreach will change this goal. Rather than these wimpy candle light vigils and slogans saying "Je Suis Brussels" we need to start closing Mosques and deporting Muslims.

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