Thursday, February 4, 2016

Social Security Stability and Fairness in Longevity Act of 2017

  It is of the utmost importance that there be the financial viability of Social Security and that there be fairness in the distribution of Government benefits to the people,

Be it resolved:
That individuals pay in to Social Security until reaching age 75 and only start collecting benefits thereafter.

Be it also resolved:
That benefits terminate at age 83, or lower, depending on the findings of an Actuarial Financial Review Board to be appointed by the President in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Council for American and Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Be it further resolved:
Citizens who are registered Republican will be required to report to a hospice for a lethal injection upon reaching age 83.  Should such citizens fail to do so, they will be arrested by armed Medical Officers who will immediately administer said injection.  It is unfair that individuals who care for themselves live longer than others who do not.

Republicans presently over the age of 83 will be provided a cyanide pill, the cost to be deducted from the probates of their Estates .

Be it even further resolved:
Any assets owned by Republicans over 83 will be turned over to the DNC and CAIR for just redistribution to those deemed worthy by DNC and CAIR administrators.

Signed by my hand this 20th Day of January, 2017

Hillary R. Clinton
President of the United States

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  1. Wow. The Colorado Care group that is pushing socialized medicine in Colorado will not pay for "expensive end-of-life services." That means the leftist collective will decide when Coloradans die.



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