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This statement implies that education will stop terrorism. We can see where CAIR would go with this. They would come to Western Governments and say “give us funds to educate Muslim youth so they won’t be radicalized”. Of course, CAIR is Hamas doing business in the United States. Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. So we’re asking terrorists to be in charge of “de-radicalization”? 
Then when the students groomed in the Jihad arts start killing us, CAIR will say "oh, we have no idea what happened! He was such a religious boy!"

Let’s examine the record:

9-11 Hijackers

From a report by Peter Bergen and Swati Panday[1]

“The 1993 World Trade Center attack involved 12 men, all of whom had a college education. The 9/11 pilots, as well as the secondary planners identified by the 9/11 commission, all attended Western universities, a prestigious and elite endeavor for anyone from the Middle East. Indeed, the lead 9/11 pilot, Mohamed Atta, had a degree from a German university in, of all things, urban preservation, while the operational planner of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, studied engineering in North Carolina. We also found that two-thirds of the 25 hijackers and planners involved in 9/11 had attended college.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda leader Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri was born on June 19, 1951, in Maadi, Egypt. Born into an upper-class family of doctors and scholars, al Zawahiri was a studious boy who joined his first Islamist group at age 14. He graduated from Cairo University in 1974 and received his master's in surgery in 1978.[2]

Anwar al Alwaki

Anwar al Alwaki earned a degree from CSU in Engineering in 1994.[3]

I might add that the Jihad attack on Glasgow airport in June 2007 was conducted by British NHS professionals:

”The popularity of medicine as a terrorist vocation most recently surfaced in connection with the botched attempt to bomb a nightclub in central London and the dramatic, but largely ineffectual, attack on Glasgow’s International Airport in June 2007. Six of the eight persons arrested were either doctors or medical students; the seventh person was employed as a technician in a hospital laboratory; and the eighth member of the conspiracy was neither a medical doctor nor in health care, but instead had earned a doctorate in design and technology.”[4]

So tell me again, Malala, that “Education will kill terrorism”.  All the Progressives are fawning over this teenaged girl who miraculously survived a Taliban bullet to the head. She is interviewed by celebrities like Emma Thompson, (who wants to kill off white male Oscar winners to make the awards more diverse.)[5]

Yet none of these luminaries have the courage to discuss Islamic Doctrine itself, which requires the action that injured and almost ended the life of this youngster. The Progressives prefer to refer to some dark mysterious force in the passive tense that cannot be linked to the real human beings that committed this crime.

Even so, Malala is advocating more immigration and calls Trump’s proposal to suspend Muslim immigration “full of hatred”[6]. Yet she doesn’t say how we are supposed to keep Jihadis out of the United States.

Malala also says “The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create”.  [7]  Sounds like the same old “blame the victim” line we’ve always heard from the Jihadis and their apologists.  In other words, “when we kill you, you can’t complain or….we’ll kill you!” And the Progressives roll over, believing it’s all our fault.


[7] ibid

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