Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coming Demise of the United States

Progressives take American security and prosperity for granted. They assume it will last forever, and nothing has to be done to nurture and protect the nation. The conservatives are in disarray and will have trouble coming to power in 2016, split as they are between the patriots and the rinos, (who are content to sit in Washington as the "loyal opposition" and kick the can down the road in terms of actually dealing with the issues).  When Hillary Clinton is elected:
  • she will appoint progressive Supreme Court Judges who will end free speech and gun rights
  • she will continue the flood of immigrants that will destroy the country. Let's address this more fully:
  • Massive tax increases will transfer middle class wealth to the millions of immigrants, reducing the entire population to the subsistence level, absolutely dependent on the government and its control.
Immigrants are 99% Muslims, and of the Muslims 70% are young military age young men.  The mass rapes we see in Europe is no more than Shari'a norms being imposed on European society.  One Imam commented that "if these women had been accompanied by male family members, it never would have happened".  Thus, the Western tradition of women's freedoms will be replaced by women being bundled up in burkas and not venturing outside the home unless accompanied by an armed male family member, which is called for in Islamic law!

In July 2011 Mrs. Clinton signed onto the UN Resolution 16/18,  the "Istanbul Process", which basically agrees that the United States will co-operate with the OIC's efforts to criminalize our First Amendment and make even talking about Islam in the West a punishable crime by using "peer pressure and shaming". (since it's unconstitutional and Court enforcement is unavailable, at least for now). In speculating about motivations, this is the only thing I can come up with:
  • The Soros elitist type UN and EU globalists envision a Europe and America with the populations melded with Muslims to destroy Western civilization and its national identities, paving with way for "world government" (with the unelected UN and EU officials finally obtaining the power of life and death over the world's populations).

  • The OIC, who's paying for all the immigration, envisions a Europe and North America Islamized and added to their Seventh Century Caliphate.  Even now, they are salivating to behead millions of "Kuffar" in their quest to "rid the world of Kufr (unbelief).

  • People in the West choose to remain ignorant, preoccupied with "rights" and sports events. One recent post was by a woman asking "German Men! Where are you? Why are you not defending your women and children?"   The fashion for German men these days is heels and tight leather pants, and carrying purses. Having been emasculated by the feminists over the last 50 years, there is no masculine strength anymore. 

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