Sunday, December 20, 2015



The purpose of immigration in both Europe and the United States is to destroy the nation states and the national identities to pave the way for the Globalist Soros World Government, run by the EU and the UN. It's not clear how they fit together right now, but there's got to be an arrangement of some sort.

The function of Jihad that's being initiated by the Administration in the United States is to destroy the 2nd Amendment, which is the key obstacle to the world government plan. Think of that!  As the violence and blood in the streets grows, the media and the government will raise the howl for gun control as a solution! Eventually it will mean kicking in every door in the United States to take them!

Once that's accomplished, American sovereignty will be suborned to the UN, eventually even the Armed Forces. Once this is accomplished, Agenda 21 can be executed. I need only remind that Agenda 21 calls for a "sustainable" population on earth of less than a billion people.  There are seven billion now.

When you ask a "globalist" about this, and how they plan to get down to the one billion figure, they grow very quiet and won't look you in the eye. This is a tell that they believe THEY are in the one billion, but YOU and YOUR FAMILY are NOT! The Globalists will do it in the name of "saving the planet".

It's no accident that all the old KGB operatives like Gorbachev have gone into "Green" organizations. Even the Pope is taken up in all this. Does he believe his flock will be spared? Or is he willing to sacrifice them, the shepherd feeding his flock to the Globalist wolves?
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