Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino

The shootings in San Bernardino were another attack of ISLAMIC Jihad, just like Paris and Chattanooga (to mention the most recent).  The Progressive Left tries to explain away these attacks  to deflect the obvious conclusion that "Islam has anything to do with it" (which of course it does). Their excuses are wearing thin after dozens of attacks.

The President's call for more Gun Control as a remedy is bizarre!  Pipe bombs were found in the apartment of the attackers, home made according the recipe found in Al Qaeda's INSPIRE Magazine. How would Gun Control legislation prevent pipe bombs?  If anything, the American people need to be armed to protect themselves from these mass shooter Jihadists, not  further disarmed and more helpless.

There's this: France and California already have stringent gun control laws. What good did they do? International Jihad organizations supported by the Global Islamic Movement have access to arms and equipment independent of local sources. 

  If the President really wanted to stop these attacks, he would shut down the Mosques, the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and deport the Jihadists, not import more of them by the hundreds of thousands.

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