Sunday, October 4, 2015


Another dimension in the OSCE Conference were screens displaying the Tweets concerning the Conference itself.  In reponse to one of my presentations, an angry Tweet from CCIF (Collectif Contre l'lslamphobie en France) demanded that "I read the definition of Islamphobia!" 

There is no definition of Islamophobia save the ones defined by the self-defined Islamic groups such as CCIF.  In fact, in one of the side events two years ago, Bashy Quarishi of EMISCO stated "We can define Islamophobia any way we want!" That may be true, but these groups cannot then proceed to impose their definition on non-believers with impunity.

Comparing their definition with the "Grand Memorandum" one can map each step of their strategy to their definition of Islamophobia.  Thus, if you talk about their demographic strategy, or their infiltration, or if you quote violent Suras, you are an "Islamophobe". 

A working definition of the word from our point of view is anyone who talks about or opposes the strategy of Islamization of Western society.

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