Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fr Andrew @ Arapahoe GOP Meeting

Fr Andrew, Pastor St Vincent de Paul Parish

IRS routinely threatens churches to be silent on political issues, threatening them with "loss of IRS tax exempt status". This is the "Johnson Amendment": Lyndon Johnson was thwarted by Pastors in Texas at some point. So he introduced this amendment in retaliation.  Thus, the churches have been silenced by money! Shame on them! And our church leaders have shown remarkable cowardice!

 But the law is virtually not in effect. There have been zero cases. And should it be tested in court, it would almost certainly be thrown out. Not taxing churches was built into our Constitution at its foundation. And by the way, many of our Founding Fathers were ordained Ministers. The Founding documents are profoundly religious! But the Universities today teach them in a manner that bleached out religion to appease the Liberal agenda. Universities are LYING to their students!

Thus, Pastors have gotten together to institute "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" in which Pastors preach politics from the pulpit defiantly and video tape it!  Last time they sent 2100 video tapes to the IRS! They are salivating for the IRS to move against their Tax Exempt Status so as to test it in court.

This means  Lois Lerner of the IRS, in targeting Churches and conservative groups, has been engaged in criminal activity!

As for Gay Marriage, these are God given rights and principles that man should not tamper with. This will not be put right without massive disruptive dislocation.

Comment:  The ancient Israelites went against God's law in spite of the prophetic warnings. There was eventually a reckoning in 586BC when the Assyrians sacked Jerusalem and carried off the Israelites into slavery.  The Europeans have turned their backs on their Christian heritage: look at what's happening there! Their  self-loathing multiculturalism and political correctness has rendered them incapable of  even seeing a reason to defend themselves against the Muslim hordes!

The religious nature of our founding documents is the essence of "American Exceptionalism". We must boldly speak out!  In today's environment, our Founding Fathers would be considered "Religious Extremists"!  All Pastors must be willing to develop a little backbone!

Comment: in the Progressive world view, anyone that believes anything and is willing to stand up for it is a "Violent Extremist"! This definition includes veterans who believe in the Red White and Blue and fought on deployments!  

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