Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Leg to Poland: DIA 0700

DIA 0700:
First leg of the journey always starts at DIA. Sitting patiently at B43 awaiting the departure of UA 939 to Dulles International.  So far, there are 7 seats available and I'm #4. I should get on. If not, I have a backup ticket on Southwest that departs at 0950.  If I DO get on, I'll be sure to cancel the Southwest ticket and get a refund.

On the way to the airport, NPR had a program about the Iranian Iraq war that started in 1980 and how it is still shaping what's going on in the region to this day. The destruction of Iraq, the militarization of society, and the tug of war between the Shi'ite ruling minority in Iraq with the Sunnis. Still, however, I believe it is a mistake to think any Shi'ite Sunni rivalry would help us as Kuffar. The Muslim groups won't start killing each other until we are long in our graves.

But it does explain why Iran is defending its interest with Assad in Syria. The Russian intervention is interesting. My guess is that all the Muslims in the area will unite against them as "Kafir invaders". If Putin didn't have such absolute power, he never could have intervened. Certainly the Russian experience in Afghanistan should portend to an unpleasant and unpredictable outcome.  

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