Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Eric Stakelback on ISIS.

Pro Iranian Lobby lobbying Democrates. Google for terror free mutual funds. List of States that sanction Iran?  List of companies that do business in Iran.


People of US are starting to get that things are not right. ACT has been on cutting edge on this issue. ISIS and Iran deal is waking people up.Would you rather know or not know? How can we make people care? How do we get our fellow Americans to pay attention?  Make it matter to Americans.

How do we get them involved? Real and immediate!  ISIS in our backyard.  Why should we care? In last 30 days:

  • ISIS   in FL planned to detonate a bomb
  • Couple elope from MS to IS
  • VA teen ager ISIS twitter
  • NJ Muslim ISIS in NJ to form an army
  • Mumbai attack in Nov paralyzed the city
Facts are stubborn  60 arrested in last 30 days. Chattanooga success. FBI said they can't keep track of all ISIS related activity in every state of Union.  DHS: 200 have left to join ISIS. Somali returned to Ohio with orders to conduct Jihad.  If NYTimes, WashPost are all saying ISIS is a problem, then maybe we do...

Epidemic of Jihad in the US. MSP has become Jihad central in the US. 100,000 Somali Muslims joining al Shabbab and ISIS. Incubator of Jihad right near Mall of America.  Sheriff of St Paul says "young Somali recruiters are targeting the youngsters to travel to ISIS to be 'glorious Holy Warrior to build new ISIS". Infiltrate through Turkey to transit into Syria.

Europe overwhelmed. Thousands of Jihadis returning  to Europe. No Muslim Brotherhood, no ISIS and no 9-11.  ISIS from AQ and MB.  ISIS recruiting: 90 tweets per minute, instagram, you tube and videos. Dabiq and Inspire.  Media controlled by Westerners. Culture of young people raised on ultra violent videos:  so ISIS who provides same?  

Europe abandoned Christianity and drawn to the dark side: ISIS, AQ put out 20 year plan. They're on track. ISIS controls area size of Great Britain.  Growing movement with other bayat of groups from all over.

2016 to 2020: total confrontation with the West. It's a Winston Churchill movement. Ridiculed for forecasting Nazism. Natanyahu only leader that is speaking out.  Being abandoned by weak Western leaders.

Regan led us to victory in cold war, being abandoned by weak leaders. 

Iranian Ideology: must understand ideology to defeat it.  
  • must smash the Caliphate
Why should we care about IRAN?
  • ICBM's can hit us with nuclear warheads to hit "great Satan".
  • Iranian killed thousands in war with Iraq. youngsters to clear minefields.

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