Monday, September 14, 2015


Scenario to consider:
  • "Black Lives Matter" has been organized by Progressive forces in the Obama Administration hostile to the United States. Its purpose is to place Police Officers in a no win situation. Human nature would cause them to abandon the black areas of their cities.
  • As lawlessness grows in the areas, the Federal Government would then say "There's been a failure in local law enforcement, (and isn't government adroit at 'solving' problems it created). Therefore, by executive order, the Federal Government will assume responsibility for policing these areas." 
  • The Feds would then deputize the Mosques in these areas to assume the policing of these inner city areas. They WOULD clean up the communities!  The Dhimmi press would run glowing stories of the neighborhood soup kitchens, the clean up brigades scrubbing the place, painting shabby homes, and the streets would be safe.  The perception that "Islamic rule is wonderful! " would be carefully cultivated in the press.
  • What the media would NOT be emphasizing is that the employed security forces,  paid and armed by the Federal Government, would consist of thousands of  Jihadis newly immigrated from the Middle  East!
  • The Media would ignore the fact that these "Security Forces" are basically the same Sunni Jihad groups we have been fighting, and in some cases the same individuals!
  • The Media would quietly omit that the inner cities are now "no go zones" in which Shari'a Law has been imposed. Persecution and expulsion from these areas of non-Muslim residents and businesses would be ignored.
  • The thugs who were recently howling about "police brutality" would now be disciplined under the Shari'a complete with whippings, amputations, beheadings, and tossing off of buildings. 
The bottom line: large areas of American inner cities would be Islamized without firing a shot. All the armed patriots who wave their M-16s, chanting "these colors don't run" would be finessed.


Simple, really. Support the police, and do not the Press and Black Lives Matter isolate them. And keep the "Civilizational Jihadis " out of the country. Young men from Turkey, Tunisia and Pakistan who have purchased illegal Syrian passports are NOT "refugees" but invaders.

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