Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Celebrating Self-Destruction

I noticed a video of immigrants arriving at a town in Germany and the population were smiling and applauding their arrival. They don't seem to grasp that these people intend to destroy them. Ninety percent of the arrivals are Muslim, seventy percent are young military aged young men. The Muslims will strike quickly. They will not wait generations. These young trained Jihadis will be used.  The Dhimmis who take comfort in "oh well, it won't happen in my lifetime" will be sadly mistaken.

I have heard of such behavior before. What comes to mind are the cheering throngs at the start of World War One.  They were impervious to the warnings of the mass destruction of life and property, failing to grasp the fact that the technology of war, (artillery and the maxim gun) rendered obsolete the prevailing infantry tactic of assault with "courage, determination and the bayonet". Millions died.

Then there was the 1980 example of the striking mechanics of Eastern Airlines cheering their Pyrrhic "victory" when the airline shut down and declared bankruptcy, taking their jobs and their retirements with it.

Then there is the smiling clergy, deluding themselves into thinking they are doing their Christian duty of caring for "the poor".  Most of these people come to sponge off the welfare system and to conduct "civilizational Jihad". These "immigrants" will not assimilate but swell the Muslim enclaves. They will demand submission to the Shari'a Law. They will eventually burn the churches and kill the Priests that had recently welcomed them.

Welcome to multiculturalism.  The Progressives have taught that all cultures are equivalent and that the prosperity and freedoms of Western civilization are the norm that we can take for granted. Wrong! The default norm for mankind are shit holes like Nigeria and Sudan. Brutality, bloodshed, and slavery are what's coming for the smiling fat progressives in the West.

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