Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Capitol Hill, Sept 9th

ACT had a string of Congress persons speak to us. I was happy to see Mike Coffman there as one of our speakers and one of our ACT supporters in Congress. Interesting: CAIR threatened every speaker that spoke to us, writing a letter promising retaliation by all Muslims in their district if they spoke. Once we allow 40 million Jihadi Settlers in the country, placed strategically to take control of Congress, we will lose our country.

The Democrats are saying that when the Iranians chant "Death To America, and Death to the Jews", it's only a cultural thing, and that they don't really mean it. 

Congressman Jim Brightenstein from OK 1st CD

He reported that since we don't control our borders, the cartels do. The refugees have to pay the Cartels an extra $5000 to $10,000 to get across the border. When they can't pay, the illegal aliens are enslaved, forced into prostitution and slave labor, or killed. There are over 100,000 dead bodies on the border with Mexico, and our allowing the Drug cartel to control the border is giving them so much money and power, it's turning northern Mexico into a failed state. In places like Nicaragua, you're either on the Cartel payroll or you're dead.

We aren't helping these Central American countries, but the Russians are in exchange for bomber bases and intelligence gathering stations in our Western Hemisphere. So to say we can just build a fence and ignore the rest of it is inadequate.

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