Monday, September 28, 2015

Afternoon of Sept 28th

Went to the Sofitel to get our OSCE Credentials. Then we adjourned for dinner. It seems this is the key:  All this blather about "Fighting against racism, xeniohobia fascism and nationalism" is to erase national identities and remove people's ability to define themselves. Thus

Anyone who is outraged by the excesses Muslim settlers in Europe, such as rape, trashing the countryside, brutalizing the locals and other Christian refugees is a "racist and xenophobe".

If you call yourself an American or Pole, you're a "nationalist nativist".  What the EU elites and the George Soros backers want is a "new international order, "open borders" where European culture is obliterated and a new Progressive society, (with the Elites in charge of course) can built from scratch.

The sad thing is the Pope is going along with it.  When he says "Jesus" what comes out is Karl.

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