Monday, September 7, 2015

ACT National Conference

Monday Sept 7th

Things I've learned:
  • Boehner and Obama's position on Islamic Jihad is identical.

  • Trent Gowdy's Benghazi hearings are "eyewash".  The reason? He doesn't subpoena anyone! the way it works: if you don't subpoena, you're not really serious! Members of the public think "well, why wouldn't forthright government employees come forth to testify anyway?" Without being subpoenaed, these officials, such as in Law Enforcement or in Government Agencies, would be breaking confidential agreements and could go to Jail if they DID testify! If they are subpoenaed, testifiers get an attorney and have legal protections.
  •   It makes you wonder about Mrs. Clinton's apparent casual treatment of classified material and why she seems to be immune to the severe penalties that govern all other government employees. (Of course the idea of "classified material" and hundreds of thousands of people with various levels of clearances, it's hard to see how anyone could keep any secrets at all).
  • There are also elements of Benghazi that would be evidently embarrassing to Republicans as well if the truth came out! Another reason the hearings may not be that serious.
  • We have elements of our Counter Jihad elements being invited to Egypt to train al Sisi's intelligence operatives in their struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood. In the US, Muslim Brotherhood  are in the White House setting policy!
  • Act is making headway with technology to build our movement. Lots of new ideas.
  • Brigitte Gabrielle will be speaking for 5 minutes at the Stop the Iran Rally at 3:15 EDT on Sept 9th.  (Of course most of the Media will ignore the event entirely).

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