Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ACT for America Conference Sept 8th. Afternoon

We are on the ground in DC to make a difference. Passed 42 laws at State level .
American Training Camps Al Fukra. Sheik Guillani  Red House in VA.  30 some camps in rural areas.
Sounds of automatic weapons at night
Lots of ex cons
Radicalized young Muslims
Elijah on run in cave.  God said "I have 7000 men in Israel that haven't bent their knee to ba'al.
ISIS: so it's hope for us.
sex slavery and beheadings still taking place. Obama is a radical left wing revolutionary. transform America. Huma Abuden direct her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Frank Gaffney and Andy McCarthy.
But Muslim Brotherhood is "moderate". But direct line to AQ and ISIS.
Majority of attacks by young Middle Eastern men. Sorry about that!

Stakelback interviewed a Muslim in Boston who still couldn't reveal his identity and be filmed. $150 Bn sanctions money was the money that had been frozen.

Dabiq is the site of the final battle with the West and how it drives them. Name of their magazine. Never discussed in the media or the government.

Hebron: tomb of the patriarchs. Live behind barbed wire. Strong claim to the land. Shekem, Jerusalem and Hebron. places where Jews have claim to land.

Social Media. Glenn Beck in Birmingham AL. Kurds: 20% female army  US undermining Kurd efforts.  Iran is NOT a counterweight to ISIS. They are NOT our friends. They are fighting ISIS to dominate the Middle East. they both agree to "death to America, death to America". Kurds abandoned.

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