Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ACT Conference Sept 8th Morning

Kelly Cook:

Pledge of Allegiance  Introduction of Student scholars, mentors, full time staff.

Brigitte will be speaking at Iran rally tomorrow .
Omni Shorham a world class venue. $139 room rate for next year.

Iran, ISIS, and Benghazi response by US Gvt is inept. We have a job to do. We need to work for the grandchildren.

Lisa Peranio: our lobbyist.  Master of event management

Logistics: security ramped up. Wear badges. Playing card to show.  Sit anywhere
Capital Hill: true face of ACT. Security tight CVC auditorium. What's allowed or not allowed. Two blocks of walking. Cash and carry for breakfast. Blue function room for breakfast. Water only in CVC Auditorium. Return busses. Rally at 1 PM. Go to Hill visits. 1:30 bus, 4 PM busses after the rally. 140 hill visits, see booth. Iran talking points. no recording of conference.

Brigitte Gabrielle: expert on Islam and Jihad, has briefed everyone.Speaks Arabic, French, Hebrew and English.  Act has 300,000 members  in 11 countries. Social media hits 8 million.

Great time to be in DC!  Iran rally and our Conference. ACT to mobilize patriots her dream! A patriotic family come to fruition!  America is the land where we can realize our dream, and we need to preserve it as the greatest Nation in the World.

  • Ideology is the threat, not just AQ, but any of the Jihad groups. ISIS has resurrected the Caliphate and controls territory. Muhammad's revelation to be last of the prophet. Only recruited 200 in first 13 years. He went to Medina to pitch to the Jews but they rejected him. Then he invented Jihad and turned against them and in three years annihilated them. Violent verses "revealed".  Made Dhimmis out Jews and Christians. Paid Jizyah monthly. Pact of Umar. Yellow star invented by 2nd Caliph. Belts ID'd Christians.as "filth".
  • 1090 Pope called for a Crusade to liberate the Holy Land so Christians could pray in their churches.
  • Lasted 100 years until al Saladin took it.
  • 1967 liberated by Israel so all can pray at Holy sites.
  • Islamic expansion grew wealthy. Conquered portions of India, Convert or Die . 70 million Hindus massacred.
  • 1600 Islam controlled more land than the Romans.
  • But Industrialization of west pushed back. Gates of Vienna 9.11 1683
  • 1924 Caliphate eliminated by Attaturk. Secularist 1928 Muslim Brotherhood founded to reestablish the Caliphate.
  • Muslims massacred 270 million people in 1400 years. But Caliphate back with ISIS.
  • Islam took credit for all the inventions of slaves: Spain, No inventions come from Islamic world.  Our buildings, our internet,
So how did Christianity defeat Islam?
  • Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Sayyid Qutb
  • Oil in Middle East and the nationalization
  • Export Wahhabism $70 bn a year. Wahhabism is the most authentic. Saudis blessed and used as a recruiting example
  • Iran in 1979 spiritual leadership to expand Islam, Underestimated by world. didn't take seriously.
  • 9-11 to mobilize Muslims to prepare the way to Caliphate.
  • MB networked around world, includes AQ, ISIS.
  • They all work together against us. Their differences don't matter
  • Islamic Republic of Iran. Not driven by politics, but a theocracy.
  • Bring back 12th Mahdi by introducing catastrophe in world to establish Peace and justice according to the Shari'a. Bombs and missiles  to bring back Mahdi,
  • Taqiyya: lie to protect and advance Islam.  Iran is lying to us about the Iran Deal
  • Truce of Hudabayah. 10 year max, but can break if advantageous. Example for all Muslims . So their signatures on a Treaty worthless. Arafat's peace treaty in the 1990's was like al Hudabayah. Established the PA and started the Intifada with Jews.
  • Treaty will be deception practiced against us. ICBMs will be used against US! Our grandchildren's lives are on the line.
  • We at ACT will mobilize to throw out those who support it.  If Officials hear from 40 to 50 people, it represents the 50 thousand voters.  Remember Eric Cantor!

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