Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Act Conference PM Sept 8

ACT Conference Afternoon:

Charles Nash, Gen McInerny, Admiral James Ace Lyons   Panel Discussion


Chuck Nash

Only 600 generations, 400 in caves. Our intellect interferes with our survival instincts.  Oxford Union wouldn’t fight for God and Country.  New US pledge removed fight for US. Sending airplanes in Benghazi the fault was with leadership.

3:00 AM phone calls. Diversity can’t give a free pass to Islamic intolerance. Germany takes 800,000 refugees.  Can’t offend refugees. Border sheriffs 50 miles on our side of the border unsafe. Complete Infidel’s guide to ISIS.  Daniel Greenfield: Left’s vigorous denial to fight ISIS.  England never recovered from WW I.  Sears national conscience to pacifism.  If you don’t admit to a problem, you don’t have to address it.

Iran deal in Default. Hidden side deals not turned over, the 60 day count down triggered. Turkey Edowan young men taking control of immigrants. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam.

Gen McInnerny

Know thine enemy. Radical Islam, never used by our CinC. Never identified: CVE. Qur’an Hadith and Shari’a law. W Europe being invaded by Radical Islam and being overwhelmed. Admit Christians only

ISIS: Air power and Syria and Iraq.  Caliphate. But only one road one power plant.  We need 500 sorties a day. Armed Kurds with armor and artillery.  Hearts and minds in Middle East? Infidels changing hearts and minds?

Exodus to Western Europe will destabilize Europe.


Bad treaty. Obama and Collin Powell supported it. Nuclear capability to arm Jihad group.  Gen Soulimani to Russia to buy air to air missiles and  ICBMs.  Benedict Arnold

Admiral Lyons

We got a problem.  Mess in Middle East and colonization of Europe. Obama has a strategy: fundamentally transform America. Violation of oath to “protect and defend”.. Strategy clear: anti American, pro Islamic and pro Muslim Brotherhood. Obama despises USA. Underlines Obama’s motives for arming terror state.

  • Democracy is a train we ride until we get to our objective: to make Islam dominant in the world
  • Replace Constitution with Shari’a
  • 95% Muslim civilizational Jihad influx.
  • Withdrawal from Iraq turning it over to Iran
  • FOB in Kurdistan, air power and air support for Peshmergas, carrier group in Mediterranean.
  • Sykes Picot lines erased. No Middle East boundaries, establish Caliphate.
  • Russia deploying into Syria.  We need to arm Ukraine and Baltic States. Obama won’t.
  • Obama, Kerry should be impeached.  Beiruit is Paris of Middle East in 1955.
  • Gulf Tanker war. Couldn’t get authority to take out Iran. Window of opportunity lost.

Q & A

Real target of Immigration is Germany, the industrial heartland. Immigrants are mostly military age men. Cultural suicide for Germany.  Once car is off cliff it’s too late.

We are forcing Israel into a war. We may forced to do something we wouldn’t do.  Lebanon accepted all the Palestinians and destroyed the country.

Libya:  US switched sides in the war and destabilized the country owing to the MB advisors in the White House. Hillary met with MB which resulted in a war in Libya and ISIS controlled areas. 

We have to protect Jordan, Israel and the Saudis.  ISIS will move into Jordan and Kurdistan as next step.

Will be a major war in the Middle East in the next year and a half.  WE must vote in Representatives that support our country.

Iran can develop ICBM’s, to deliver nuclear weapons to the US. Missile base in Venezuela: EMP attack would shut down the country and 12 million Americans would die.  Israel is on a war footing, we need to go there too. 

Islam is assaulting us with suit cases


Deal’s impact.  Anti-deal forces is the pro peace side!  Rafsenjani:  Israel can only take one. Realistic scenario to fight a nuclear war with Iran. Scrap it or police it.  Iranian compliance is a threat. Minimizes our ability to stop them.

  • Deal only disarms us. Russia sending S300 missiles and combat jets to protect them. Cost so high we wouldn’t do it.
  • Puts Israel in a bind. Modernizing Iranian military.  We provide training to defend against sabotage. Force local govts to stop sanctioning Iran.
  • Sanctions disarmed with deals with businesses. Pakistan upset world, but once they had them
  • Deal saves Iranian world revolution. Supporting Jihad is in the Iranian constitution.
  • Shari’a hasn’t brought wealth but poverty. With deal, Iran is rebounding with the $150 Bn. We should give it to the victims of Iran.
  • Iranian defense budget is $30 Bn a year. Taliban salary $550 a month. Deal puts Iran on steroids. Will the money undermine them?  Economy owned by government. Money will go to the secret police, not the people. 
  • Terrorism; conventional and nuclear arms races.  Yemen a taste of Shi’ite vs. Sunni conflict.  Materially responsible for 9-ll. Sectarian war will spill into the US.  Shi’ite ISIS : do the same thing.
  • Arsonist fire fighter Iran. 30 Christian leaders met with Iranians. Dhimmi leadership.
  • Failure to understand eschatological Khorisani Brigade. Civil war with ISIS, revolution and Saudi Arabia.
  • US and Israel and collapse part of end times prediction.  !2th Imam appearance. Things lining up.
  • But Iranian regime weak.
  • Sanctions on regime for human rights
  • Attendance to Mosques thinning out. 
  • Ally with Iranians that want to support freedom.
  • ryan@ clairionproject.org
  • Divestment measures on Iran at state and local level. Tell Governors sanction Iran. Choose us vs. Iran.
  • Christians in Middle East arming themselves into defense forces. End boycott of Christian groups.
  • Our generation needs to fight.

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