Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ACT Conference PM, Sept 8th

Seeding America for Hijrah, to Islamize America. Contractors are Left Wing organizations who capitalize on our empathy for the poor to get grants, money and power. Cloward :Pivin strategy to destroy our civilization.  Interesting that Christians are  being excluded.

Go back to system where churches sponsor individual families, as opposed to bring in 65K hostile Syrian Muslims who want to kill us. The USCCB is bringing them in for the $$ per head.

What is good in unpopular, and what is popular is often not good.

ACT Chapter activity to deal with the local immigration issue. Checklist developed.


Freedom of speech a cornerstone of our society. Islamic groups working to control language on Islam. The OIC behind it all. Goals: caliphate and imposition of the Shari'a.. Human rights violators control HR council.
  • No concern for HR violations, permissible under shari'a.
  • speech negative on Islam is blasphemy and defamation
  • 2005 10 year plan of action.  Combat Islamophobia. 
  • anything that interferes with propagation of Islam., or associate Islam with Jihad, you are "Islamophobic" and enact legislation and punishments.
  • Res 16/18 and Instanbul Process to clamp down on speech.
  • European countries punish speech that sheds negative light on Islam. Criminalize it.
  • Common criminal law approach. incite violence or hatred
  • Belfast pastor. Offensive to Islam. Facing jail time.
  • hate speech tribunals only persecute Christians  Section 13 Human rights act
  • likely to expose a person to hatred or religion. Truth no defense. Section 13 repealed last year. Quebec bill 59 to combat speech.  Banning criticism of Islam at tax payer's expense.
  • Geert Wilders "public insult of Islam"  Brigitte Bardo convicted, criminal prosecution for
  • First Amendment doesn't protect political correctness and willful blindness, societal pressure and MB front groups threaten us into self-censorship.
  • Corporations, Hollywood, churches, elected officials and schools accommodating to the Muslims.
  • Federal Agencies reduce National Security to appease Muslims.
  • CAIR: MB Front Group. HLF co conspirator, Hamas in the USA. Propaganda wing.  1996 Nike to change logo from pressure from CAIR. Donated $$ to dar al Hijrah Mosque.
  • DKNY  had Qur'an verse on pocket CAIR pressure to remove. DKNY caved.  Many companies have caved.
  • Paul Spencer threatened for Constitutionally protected speech
  • Hollywood films about terrorism must be censored.
  • Kingdom of Heaven censored
  • CAIR wants to depict no Muslims are terrorists, but everyone else.
  • Censors on radio. Talk show hosts against Michael Savage
  • Hate Hurts America  closing down Glenn Beck, intimidating stations
  • TV censors like 24 hours, CAIR NY boycott CBS radio/TV
  • Censor training CAIR protested Third Jihad to dismantle training with "biased" information
  • Obama Administration censors language on Islam. FBI, DoD, DHS purged of Islamic information.
  • Behavior only, no ideology. ISIS. QVE vs counter jihad
  • Blinded to Islam. 2005 Jalans Posten Kurt Westegard cartoon death threats.
  • Theo Van Gough  Killed Nov 2004 on streets of Amsterdam.
  • Charlie Hebdo. 12 killed by AQAP.. But leaders denied that Islam had anything to do with it.
  • Cartoons protested not the murderers.
  • America not immune from the "Days of Rage": Garland TX event to support freedom of speech.
  • Book of Mormon play not threatened.
  • Islam and it's pressure is political in nature.
  • Definition of terrorism is murdering innocent people
  • Islam definition is only killing Muslims without right.
  • Pakistan promotes blasphemy laws. Islanoglu: OIC's goal to eliminate anti' Islam attitudes and activity.
  • We shouldn't take direction from CAIR and OIC. Multiculturalism is a failure. all values are NOT equal, not all cultures are equal. Judeo Christian values superior to Islamist values of Islamic apartheid and Shari'a.
  • Stop thinking we're bad guys from political correctness.
  • We need to tell the truth about Islamic abuses to keep America free.

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