Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ACT Conference PM: National Secuity Issue: should be a non-paritsan issue.

Islam infiltrating Indian Tribes (550 tribes)
  • Same skin color, same "displacement from our lands" appeal
  • Giving  money, propane, schools
  • recruiting amongst the young
  • setting up military training camps
Attacks against us under both Republican and Democrats
  • 1979 Iranian embassy Carter
  • 1984 Marine barracks GHW Bush
  • 1993 WTC first time Bill Clinton
  • 2000 9-11  GW Bush
Anne Corcoran  Refugee Resettlement without local input

"Refugee Resettlement watch" blog. unfunded mandates by federal government
  • we are in battle to save Western Civilization! No less!
  • Economic aspect: Feds have been doing this for 35 years
  • Europe's problem is our problem. Europe being invaded. 35,000 Syrians and no Christians
  • 95 % are Sunni Muslims : numbers and where they're coming from.
  • USRAP. Refugees chosen by UN: Secretive, complicated , Expensive and Unfair.
  • Run by Federal Contractors. Migrants, Refugees from persecution Asylum seekers. Al Jazeera wants us to use Refugee because they get benefits.
  • Architects: Kennedy, Biden and Carter the architects.
  • Antonio Guterres and Anne Richards, Socialists and Soros flunkies
  • Change America by changing the people. Seeding America with immigrants and diversity.
  • Billion a year for immigration, not including all the welfare-.
  • UN High Commissioner chooses them
  • DHS "Screens" them
  • NGO 350 contractors
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement Office, USCCB gets federal $$ to bring them in
  • World Relief
  • huge infrastructure bringing in large numbers of Muslims, none are Christians
  • Secondary moves. Like Somali's moving to MN. Forming enclaves
  • ORR maps 350 subcontractors in 190 areas
  • No refugees in WY. people need to fight the Republican Gov's plan to bring them in.
Social Services
  • Temp assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps 70% on it
  • Housing
  • SSI
  • SS Disability
What you need to know
  • UN Chooses refugees
  • Usually contractor a group that' sounds like a church group
  • Lasts 3 to 6 months
  • Town can never get out of program, and your community stuck with caring for the refugees after contract pulls out
  • Hits schools and welfare
  • Refugees loaded with AIDS and TB
  • Local gvt local for support by Clinton ex order
  • Schools have to have translators in schools (Arabic)
  • Can only do menial labor, like meat packing or farm labor
  • Ask questions in public.
David Lubell:  Welcoming America (we must change to accommodate immigrants)
  • Soros funded to tamp down pockets of resistance to immigration program.
  • BNA.  Children in school writing "allah is only god"
  • TN   Completely run by USCCB and State Dept with no local input.
  • TX and Twin Falls ID, Spartenburg NC activities
IRAQI Refugees
  • Caught for building IED's that killed American soldiers
  • Sending weapons to AQ
  • Gang banging elderly woman in COS in 2014 were brought in as friendly interpreters
  • ISIS fighter killed had family in MN
  • Guy kills his wife and tries to frame "Islamophobes"
  • Rohingya Muslims from Burma in SLC rapes and kills Burmese Christian girls
  • Social worker killed by Muslims in ME
Gaddafi's prediction:  Europe conquered by massive immigration of Muslims
  • Sam Solomon:  Al Hijrah is Jihad for sake of Allah
  • Obama to bring in  70K Syrians plus another 65K from the UN.
  • Lutheran Refugee Service petitioning for 200K  97% are Muslims!
  • Senator Jihad caucus
  • DHS testifies they can't screen them!
  • Resettlement Accountability National Security ACT.   HR3314
  • Trey Gowdy on Border Security. We need hearings and subpoenas
  • 202 225 6030
  • http://www.gopetition.com
  • James Simpson: The Red Green Axis: Refugees, immigration and the agenda to erase America.
  • Serious threat to America. If they get the numbers, we're toast

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