Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reparations For Slavery: Capitalizing on White Guilt One More Time

Slavery was the norm in society for millennia. And it still is in Islam.  It was only through the efforts of Wilberforce in the early 19th Century that it was outlawed to conform to his Christian ethic. Yet, the blacks and their Progressive mentors want to punish the very people responsible for their liberation!

As if a cash payment would change anything. There are historical precedents: Indian tribes gaining settlements from the Federal Government. In such events, there was a flurry of consumer spending. But then things returned to the way they were before, except the rusting automobile hulks up on blocks in front of the house trailers are later models.

The article last year in the Atlantic "The Case For Reparations" exemplifies the Progressive need to have victims they can patronize.  The assumption is that blacks REALLY ARE INFERIOR and must be made wards of our Welfare State forever!  That's REAL RACISM that condemns blacks to the bottom of the economic ladder forever.

Certainly the ADC has destroyed the black family and rendered generations of young black men fatherless and dysfunctional, (and this dependency  is spreading destruction to the whole of society).

A moral regeneration from the black community itself is what is needed. (The same can be said about much of the rest of society as well).  Continual demanding of rights and dwelling on perceived victimhood needs to be replaced with self reliance and determination to succeed.  This is the path to a sustainable lasting success, not marching on the capital demanding a handout.

So what should we do with blacks? Thomas Sowell quoted Fredrick Douglas in a recent article (IBD July 8, 2015 "Path to Justice Has Led To Barbarism"): "I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us. Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us."

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