Thursday, July 9, 2015

Low Income Housing in Wealthy Neighborhoods In The Interest of "Diversity"

The Administration has threatened to file suit against thousands of municipalities unless they change the zoning laws to allow low income housing in wealthy neighborhoods in the interest of ending "discriminatory barriers" .  The assumption is that all black people are poor, and will remain so if the Progressives have anything to day about it.  Anyone who opposes these changes in zoning laws will be labeled "racist" and "bigoted"!  This is the tried and true Progressive technique for shutting down debate on the subject.

On closer inspection, the real motive is clear: we can see a long term project to place dependency voters in Red State areas to eliminate political opposition to the Progressive agenda!  One strategically placed housing project can disenfranchise vast areas of single family dwellings! And with Federal mandates, the communities themselves will be forced to fund their own disenfranchisement!

Envision this: previously pristine neighborhoods now have a ready source of burglars, armed robbers, rapists and murderers right in their own front door!  When I lived in Palos Verdes California in the 1970's, the Progressives pressured the City Council to bring in bus service.  Once instituted, the burglaries and home break ins quadrupled!  All the felons had to do was hop on the bus to access rich pickings.

All this to provide "greater harmony in diversity"?  The bumper sticker that says "Diversity is our Strength" is counterfactual!  Harping on race and gender is divisive and destructive, (and increasingly meaningless now that people are free to cross racial and gender boundaries with "self identification" and surgery).

Prediction: as you drive around and see young women jogging alone, you can count on that disappearing as soon as the first female jogger gets grabbed, pulled into a van, and gang banged!

Soon, we will be telling our grandchildren from inside our fortified homes about the time long ago when you could walk the clean streets and neighborhoods  without fear and no one had bars on their windows and razor wire on their walls.

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