Tuesday, July 14, 2015


At best the Administration believes that a nuclear armed Iran would be no different than the Soviet Union was during the cold war: to wit, manageable.. They appear either completely ignorant of  Shi'ia Islamic Doctrine or worse, actively siding with our enemies to destroy Israel, (and eventually ourselves) for the sake of a deal.

Iran has announced that destroying Israel is non-negotiable, yet we still have signed!  But then the Administration assumes that Israel will not act without us, or worse, we would aid Iran if Israel has to defend itself. 

What the Administration fails to grasp is that "existential threat" means Israel has nothing to lose, and is unlikely to go quietly to the Islamic chopping block to preserve John Kerry's Nobel Peace Prize.

One scenario: if Israel does defend itself, that all the dormant latent Jihad groups in the West would be activated to create mayhem in dozens of cities across the globe. Sadly, the press would blame Israel for the destruction caused by Islamic Jihad, in the same way the press blamed Pam Geller for the Garland Texas shootings.  It is the "battered wife syndrome" on an international scale. "Step out of line and I'll thump you, and it will be your fault!"

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