Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Depressed" in Chattanooga?

The mainstream media is coming up with the tale that the Chattanooga shooter was dealing with "depression". Whew! Now we can all say "it had nothing to do with Islam!"  It was getting close. He'd said things on social media, he'd travelled to Jordan for 9 months, and it was beginning to look like he was a Jihadi!  Thank goodness we've been able to lay that to rest!

We'd asked Jordanian Intelligence to follow up to see what the shooter had been doing there for 9 months.  But we can forget about that now. We have our narrative, and we wouldn't want any uncomfortable facts that didn't fit now would we? So we'll tell the Jordanians to stand down and forget about it. And if some other bigoted hater Islamophobe digs out  information on his own that also doesn't fit, we'll give him the usual treatment: we'll do an IRS audit, a search warrant to ransack his house, and file charges for hate speech and slander.  That'll teach him to seek the truth....

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