Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From the Danish Cartoons to Charlie Hebdo: The Big Picture

In 2005 the OIC started a 10 year campaign to "fight Islamophobia", the essence of which is to enforce Muslim Shari'a Blasphemy Laws in the West. Here's the way they do it:
  • Pick an event, such as cartoons, (Danish) a speech (the Pope at Ragensburg) a video or a Magazine (Charlie Hebdo).
  • Then all the actors are assembled to create a "Day of Rage":  the Ulema lay the "religious" foundation, the State actors file diplomatic protests, the Da'wa people demand apologies and the Jihad components create violence, mayhem death and destruction.
  •   The West is then told in no uncertain terms "see! This is what happens when you don't do what we say!"
 The goal is for the West to pass laws that subordinate our First Amendment of the Constitution to Islamic Law.  The Muslims want us to criminalize even talking about Islam! The wording sounds reasonable enough: to not "insult Islam". But when you drill down, it's far more than that.

Insult, denigration, all fall under the rubric of "slander".  In American law, slander means to damage someone's reputation by saying something that's untrue. Thus, Truth is an absolute defense against slander accusations.

In Islam, slander means saying anything about Islam that they don't like, or revealing anything about Islam the Muslims don't want revealed.  Truth or falsity has nothing to do with it. It is very expansive. Even for the "hated Kafir" to own Islamic books is an "insult" because the Kafir don't apply it to their lives!

So you can see how passing such laws would basically blind us to the Islamic attack that's presently underway against our civilization and our nation, (which, of course, is the whole point).

2015 is the last year of the OIC's 10 year program. They are turning up the heat!

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